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Polecam Autopod

Autopod is a continuation of the Polecam ethos of providing a "platform" which is a remotely operated programmable telescopic elevation unit for use with Rigs, Cranes, Remote heads, Cameras, Speakers and more....

Wideangle for TF4XA-1

The 0.7X Wide Angle Adapter has been designed Specifically for use with the Fujinon TF4XA-1 4mm 3CCD HD lens.

Rent IK4K und IK-HD5

Now you can rent the Toshiba 4K and the IK.HD5 with the Fujinon TF4XA HD lens.

The new 4K Cameras

The new 4K cameras from IO Industries and Toshiba for maximum signal fidelity.

Camball 3 and Eyeb

The new Heads from Bradley. The Camball 3 with 30x zoom and the small Eyeb with 4 Megapixels.


Kamtek designs, produces and distributes solutions in the field of camera technology.
Our network and know how enables us to offer you TV equipment of all kind. According to your individual needs we do support the realization of your special event by amazing camera moves.
We are a flexible partner you can rely on.